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Jeanie Rivers

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31:07   |   06/04/2021

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Jeanie Rivers

Marcus and his gorgeous little girlfriend Jeanie Rivers are fighting! Jeanie angrily argues that she deserves more attention than he's giving her. Fortunately, Marcus knows that he can warm Jeanie’s heart by sucking her delectable toes... and that’s just the beginning of his sizzling half-hour with this outrageously alluring barefoot princess! Because once Marcus revs up Jeanie’s sexual motor with foot worship, there’s no stopping our erotic heroine! Marcus detaches his tongue from her toes to perform clit- licking homage, then Jeanie matches him with a mind-bending blow-job performed as she playfully poses her feet in mid-air! Achingly enticing from her angelic face to her butter-soft soles, Jeanie guides Marcus' fully-aroused manhood into her thoroughly lubricated pussy. Throbbing with desire for his little foot-tease, Marcus proves that he’s more than up for the job! After all, how could he fail to plunge powerfully into Jeanie’s inviting orifice when she artfully encourages him with her pink-nailed toes poised under his eyes? Keeping an eye, or hand, or tongue on Jeanie’s irresistible soles, spreading her wide or riding her as she submits on all fours, Marcus masters his ecstatic lover! All that’s left is a jolt that drenches her feet and leaves her smiling.

Jeanie Rivers

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