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Kristina Black - Pantyhose Foot Fest

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31:13   |   05/28/2019

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Kristina Black

Dark-haired, wide-eyed and purringly sensual, Kristina Black possesses the essentially erotic qualities of the cat. Stretching lazily, bare-breasted and black- stockinged, she issues a sexual invitation that her man must answer! He responds by enthusiastically sucking Kristina’s hose-clad toes; Kristina displays her gratitude when she grasps his cock between her stockinged soles and magically rubs it to hardness! He won’t be denied a closer encounter with her pussy, so off come Kristina’s panty-hose and into her moistening orifice slides his tongue! Glowing with pleasure, Kristina slips to her knees so she can nurture his erection with her mouth. Her man emphatically approves, swaying with delight at the feel of her oral attentions as well as the sight of her lithe body and bare soles! When her guy can no longer resist his urge to enter Kristina, he brings her above him so she can kneel on his legs, later towering over her so he can plunge in as he mouths her toes! Ecstatically impaled, catlike Kristina murmurs her approval and awaits the spasm that will cover her feet with his cum!

Kristina Black - Pantyhose Foot Fest

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Linda Diego Added 02/17/2021

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