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Dolly Golden

34:27   |   05/14/2021

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Dolly Golden

How would you react if you caught sight of a buxom blonde in a tiny yellow bikini sunning herself in her backyard? AND if she smiled and beckoned you by flashing those shapely feet with the saucy yellow-polished toenails? Of course you’d respond manfully to her invitation - and so does our intrepid producer, who wastes no time rising to the foot-erotic charms of ! ‘s high- arched bare feet stroke Jason to satisfying stiffness, so he responds with an oral tribute to her clit. Moving indoors, Dolly and her guy raise the heat of their oral counterplay; it’s obvious that he’s aroused not only by her energetic mouthwork but the continuing display of her wickedly wrinkled bare soles. ‘s soles and toes maintain their inspirational impact on Jason as she sinks back into an easy chair to receive his hardened homage from in front and behind. As he decorates her teasing toes with his fluid tribute, Jason exults in the experience of a fantasy come to life!

Dolly Golden

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