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Penny Romano - Picked Up At The Park

33:31   |   04/16/2019

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Penny Romano

Some guys have all the luck! Marcus goes jogging in the park and who does he run into but petite Penny Romano flashing her size-5-1/2 bare feet at him. Before you can say “foot-sex”, they’re back at his place and Marcus’ got Penny tipped over on the bed with her little feet wiggling in mid-air. Marcus' tongue makes Penny a happy girl, so she shows her gratitude by exciting his rod with her mouth and her soles! Hard and hot, Marcus decides that it’s time to deepen his acquaintance with Penny. Flexing her wrinkled soles as her pussy yields to Marcus' swollen member, his tiny partner thrills to the wild ride he takes her on. Penny’s probed while she’s on top, on the bottom and in between! When the ride finally ends, Marcus' got a smile on his face and Penny has juice on her toes.

Penny Romano - Picked Up At The Park

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