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Jessie's Sexy Foot Fest

29:47   |   08/12/2020

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Jessie V

Jessie V. is a sweet little blond with a very hot pussy. She’s unashamed of her sexual desires, so don’t be shocked when she abruptly strips down to her panties and starts playing with herself! Jessie also plays well with others, as Marcus soon discovers when he introduces himself to Jessie by sticking his cock in her face and sucking on her toes! Marcus gives Jessie’s delectable bare feet a complete tongue bath, then pulls off her panties and dives in to eat pussy while Jessie’s spreading and scrunching toes register delight! Avid cock-sucker Jessie returns the favor by mouthing Marcus until he’s rock-hard and ready for her to jump on for a ride! Bouncing up and down with mounting excitement, Jessie leaves no doubt that she relishes being impaled on Marcus' rod! And she gets plenty more of him: Marcus bends his little pleasure partner over and enters from behind as her soles wrinkle convulsively, then pulls her onto the floor and tops her, driving deep into her juicy snatch while holding her foot in his mouth! When he reaches the point of no return, Marcus proudly sprays his load all over Jessie’s tiny toes and climaxes their festive foot-sex.

Jessie's Sexy Foot Fest

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