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Brandy Smith Tickled Foot Sex

33:49   |   01/06/2023

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Brandy Smith

Lusty Mario Rossi once again demonstrates his Old Country conviction that a naked woman exists to give him pleasure, from her cute exotic face to her shapely little bare feet! Mario drives the point home to Brandy Smith aka Eva Roberts by tickling her smooth soles while she squirms and protests ineffectually. Once he has her attention, Mario tongues Brandy’s toes and clit; he notices her excitement, but he’s mouthing her only because he feels like doing it. He also feels like plunging his cock into Brandy‘s mouth, which is barely large enough to contain the swelling member; Mario’s too busy admiring her uplifted soles to care. Brandy has a much easier time stroking his tumescent rod with her arches, but the excitement her nimble little feet arouse merely encourages Mario to emphasize his mastery by spreading her legs and invading her dampening snatch! Mario positions Brandy precisely where he wants her at every moment, at one point even mounting her from above while she excitedly flexes and points her delicate toes. The image of dominance, Mario thrusts powerfully toward a final explosive release on Brandy‘s toes. He’s unquestionably a masterful and satisfied man, but the smile on Brandy‘s face might lead us to wonder who actually received the most pleasure from their encounter!

Brandy Smith Tickled Foot Sex

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